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  1. Fee is payable quarterly and should be paid by the 10th day each of Apr (April-June quarter), Jul (July-Sep quarter), Oct (Oct-Dec quarter) and Jan (Jan-Mar quarter). If the parents fail to pay the fees before the due date, a late fine of Rs.50/ per week will be charged for each of tuition fee and transport fee.

  2. Students and their parents are expected to exhibit discipline and polite behaviour whether inside or outside of the school premises. Any Violence, use of abusive or foul language displayed towards any students, teachers, staff or vendors will lead to appropriate fine / punishment including rustication of the student from the school.

  3. Students must carry their Almanac (school diary) to school every day. Parents are expected check it regularly.

  4. All students are expected to reach the school on time before the morning bell rings. A disciplinary action will be taken if the children are repeatedly late to school.

  5. Students who come to school with their escorts will not be permitted to leave the school with anyone else. In case of an emergency, the person must carry an authority letter from the parent to pick up the child.

  6. Students are not allowed to go to a relative or friend’s house from school.

  7. Students using the school bus should be available on time at the designated pickup point and maintain discipline in the bus. Bus facility will be withdrawn in the case of indiscipline.

  8. Students are required to be tidy and neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform. Repeated instances of untidiness or not coming in school uniform will lead to fines

  9. All the notebooks and textbooks should be neatly covered and properly labeled. All the belongings of the students must bear their names, class and section.

  10. No books (other than library or text books) should be brought to the school unless authorized by appropriate school authorities.

  11. The school is not responsible for goods that are lost. It is advisable not to bring valuable articles like watches, fancy stationery items, jewelry etc.

  12.  Mobile phones or any other electronic gadget, if found with the student, will be confiscated and action will be taken.

  13. Care must be taken of all school property. Students should be trained by their parents to not damage any school property including furniture, writing or drawing anything on school walls or benches, breaking or mishandling equipment / fixture etc. Recovery of any damage will be done from the concerned student/Parent with a min. fine of Rs. 200 and to the extent of the value of damage.

  14. Students are required to keep their classrooms / school building / campus neat and clean. Leftover waste material must be thrown into the dustbins only.



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