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Pre-primary curriculum (Nursery- UKG)

Both academic and co-curricular activities ensure to lay a strong foundation for every child at our campus to realize his potential as a unique individual.

We progress from basic real-life experiences and development of comprehension skills and learning about environmental concepts. The methodology is to expose children to subjects that catch their attention and improve their grasping power through pragmatic approaches. This will ensure the all-round development of their brain. We progress through the introduction of basic math, further developing to comprehension skills and gaining real-life experience through field trips. We have also incorporated Arts and crafts, dance, public speaking in our curriculum, enabling children to develop the necessary skill sets needed to survive in life. The stress is given on developing their cognitive abilities and trains them to learn the basic concept neatly and simply.

Primary school curriculum (I-V)

Focusing on strengthening the conceptual understanding, this stage is followed by training in English, Comprehension (stressing on creative writing, prose, poetry, drama etc).

Our main aim is to strengthen the conceptual understanding to help the students in facing future challenges. Our main focuses here are on English reading comprehension, Mathematics (Problem-solving, analytical skills, and logical reasoning),  Environmental Science (higher concepts of environmental Science), etc.

Middle School Curriculum (VI-VIII)

The key focus for middle school curriculum is to inculcate academic rigor by employing advanced educational methods by adhering to methodologies. Here, we have updated our curriculum to more advanced levels. We help the students to inculcate and imbibe better academic values. Focus is given on better understanding the concepts and strengthening the already built foundation. This practical approach towards in-depth learning differentiates us from other Schools.

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